Cracking the Code of Gen-Z Digital Consumers

Thu, May 28, 2020, 7:30 PM (CST)

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William Lau is the CEO of Bonnie&Clyde, and FaBFashion and BeautyTech China Chapter Founder, with over 15 years of experience in brand strategy and entrepreneurship, working with fashion, beauty startups and fortune 500 companies. William started his entrepreneurial career early on with his own branding agency, supporting clients such as GQ, Lululemon, Pepsi, and DreamWorks. Experienced in brand strategy and market entry, leading brand positioning and product launch for luxury brands Into china. 

He has led the brand entry and growth luxury fragrance and skincare brands such as Chantecaille, Juliette Has A Gun, and Natura Bisse. He is also currently the China ChapterLeader for FaB, the prestigious, global Fashion and BeautyTech startup community with 15 Chapters globally and over 4000 members. It’s mission to link founders with funders, and create a global community of mentorship within the fashion and beauty industry.


他是之前法国奢侈沙龙香水Juliette Has A Gun 佩枪朱丽叶的大中华区总经理,并担任国际奢侈护肤品品牌副总裁,如:Chantecaille香缇卡,Natura Bisse悦碧施等。同时他也是FaB中国分会负责人,Fab是享负盛名的全球时尚和美容科技创业社区,在全球拥有15个分会,拥有4000多名会员。其使命是连接创业者与投资人,并在时尚和美容行业中建立全球指导社区。

Bonnie&Clyde Intro

Bonnie&Clyde (BC) is China's first new luxury beauty gifting platform. Founded in 2019, within 15 short months, BC had surpassed over 150M in sales, with their loyal consumer community returning on average 3-4 times a year, and recurring spending over 4000rmb. BC leverages over 2000+ super luxury micro-community leaders generating highly targeted creative content, and proprietary order and profit-sharing technology to identify and drive high value conversion. 

BC is the only beauty platform with “6+365” licensed capability to sell online and offline without having brands go through CFDA animal testing.

BC focuses on millennial and gen-z beauty brands that are category disruptors, such as clean beauty pioneer - Chantecaille, luxury derma - Natura Bisse, and niche fragrance - Juliette Has A Gun.




BC为这些新奢微社区提供的品牌都是经过全球极致选品,在各自领域独占鳌头的领军品牌,例如:clean beauty最知名的品牌:Chantecalle香缇卡,微整保养品功效第一的品牌:Natura Bisse悦碧诗,新奢沙龙香第一的品牌:Juliette has a gun佩枪朱丽叶,深海海藻干细胞科技最强的品牌:algologie欧华妍等等。




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