Learn To Blur The Lines In Retail Through Tech

Oct 31, 2019, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

WeWork @ 518 Xinjiang Lu, 518 Xinjiang Lu, SHANGHAI, 200031

Join our discussion on Thursday, 31 October with Dr. Matthew Wang, Co-founder at MAP. We will discuss how to utilize IoT and big data in smart retailing business. 我们有幸邀请到迈普数据的联合创始人Matthew Wang博士,在10月31日周四晚,一起探讨如何融合移动物联技术及大数据,实现智慧零售。

In-person event

About this event

Dr. Matthew Wang was granted with Doctorate Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole de Management, GEMBA from CEIBS as well as Management Bachelor degree from Hefei Poly-tech University. He has featured research findings on international media such as China Daily, Financial Times and invited as keynote speakers at global forums. He has 20+ years of experience in the field of big data application, consumer insights & hotspots deep-diving, industry trend tracking, strategical and tactical marketing consultancy, with 100+ database modeling, 20+ soft/hardware development and design, 100+ project management operation with first-hand business practice. Dr. Wang has also served over 1000+ multinational enterprises including Remy Martin, J&J Consumer, Nike Golf, Lining, ZTE Mobile Phone, the leaning real estate clients including Vanke, Powerlong, Rui’an Group. With his dedication, IoT receipt project was awarded Shanghai Innovation Funds, Tech Innovation Fund, and global prize as well as patents.

Matthew Wang博士拥有格勒诺布尔高等商学院工商管理博士学位,中欧国际工商学院的GEMBA以及合肥工业大学的管理学士学位。他曾在《中国日报》、《金融时报》等国际媒体上发表研究成果,并应邀在全球论坛做主题演讲。王博士在大数据应用、消费者洞察力和热点,深度追踪、行业趋势跟踪、市场战略等领域拥有20多年的经验,并具有100多个数据库建模、20多个软/硬件开发和设计、100多个第一手业务实践的项目管理操作经验。王博士还为包括人头马,强生,耐克高尔夫,李宁,中兴移动在内的1000多家跨国企业以及万科,宝龙,瑞安集团等房地产客户提供服务。他的付出也为其物联网收据项目收获了上海创新基金,技术创新基金,全球大奖以及专利。



10/31, Thursday, 7:00-9:00 PM

Early Bird¥100,Door Ticket ¥150


(Light dinner, drinks and beer included



Event Agenda


7:00PM Networking, wine and light dinner


7:15PM Workshop


8:00PM Fireside Chat and Q&A


9:00PM Discussion and networking


About MAP


MAP Retailing Connect is a total IoT(Internet of Things) solution of big data for physical stores in terms of collection, analysis, and application. Making non-intrusive integration with existing software and hardware of physical stores enables the plug-play between POS system and receipt printer. As a result, Retailing Connect can capture receipt data in real-time, tag QR code to each receipt. Furthermore, Retailing Connect can make precise promotion with the match among “shopper-store-staff-story” via OCR-Optical Character Recognition on the cloud. Shoppers just scan QR code to automatically register loyalty points and participate in brand engagement activities; brand stores can use receipts as direct-to-customer media channels; physical stores can build data assets, make joint promotion and improve store sales. The last not the least, the commercial circles can enhance mutual values and share strategic alliance.

迈谱盖特数据-零售数达: 一个运用IoT(Internet of Things)物联网技术收集,建模和运营线下实体店零售大数据解决方案。不需侵入实体店的任何软硬件系统,巧妙地将物联网积分盒外接在POS机和小票打印机之间。从而实时上传小票信息,同时赋加二维码在小票上,通过云端识别计算,精准推送与“人-货-场-事件”对应的营销内容。顾客扫码自动积分并且参与品牌互动;品牌利用购物小票作为精准触达消费者的媒体;实体店通过购物小票,赋能数据资产,互相发券引流,提升店铺收益;进而可以规模化提升商圈价值,共享新商业联盟。

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  • Matthew Wang





Thursday, October 31, 2019
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


  • Erik Walenza-Slabe

    IoT ONE

    Chapter Founder/ Mentor

  • Marian Danko


  • Sunny Ting

    BI X (a part of Boehringer Ingelheim)


  • Mingai Zhu

    Chapter Director

  • Maxy Zou

    Core Team

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