ZhenFund Discusses Raising Seed Round in a Capital Winter

Jan 18, 2019, 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Work Labs @17/F, China Overseas Center 中海国际中心B座17楼, 838 South Huangpi Rd, Exit 5 of Madang Lu Metro 黄陂南路838弄,9号线马当路站5号出口, Shanghai, 20003

Join our discussion on Friday 18th of January with Minman Gu from ZhenFund, the most reputable early stage fund in China, to discuss how ZhenFund empowers Chinese innovators and entrepreneurs as their early stage investor, and how to identify and support startups from zero to success. 1月18日周五晚,加入我们,一起与中国最受创业者欢迎的早期投资机构真格基金的顾旻曼聊聊,作为早期投资人,真格基金如何助力中国的创新者和创业者,发现他们及支持他们从无到成功。

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Ms. Minman Gu is Managing Director and Head of the Eastern Region at ZhenFund. She joined the team in 2012 and invested in a number of successful TMT and consumer-oriented startups, including QingTeng, Okjike, Data Grand, FlowerPlus, Papi, Happyjuzi, and Panda.tv. In 2017, Ms. Gu was on the Forbe's list of 30 Under 30 (young financial leaders), and in 2016 she was on the Cyzone's list of Top 40 investors under 40. Prior to joining ZhenFund, Minman was the senior investment analyst at Shanda Innovations leading TMT and consumer investments. Minman holds a B.A. in Accounting & Finance from the University of Hong Kong.

顾旻曼是真格基金董事总经理兼华东区负责人。自 2012 年加入真格基金以来,顾旻曼投资了青藤云安全、即刻、达观科技、花加、Papi酱、橘子娱乐、熊猫直播等多家互联网和消费领域的创业公司。顾旻曼是 2017 年福布斯亚洲评选的 30 位 30 岁以下金融领域青年领袖,并上榜 2016 年创业邦评选的 40 位 40 岁以下投资人。加入真格基金之前,顾旻曼任职于盛大创新院。顾旻曼拥有香港大学会计与金融学士学位。

ZhenFund is a seed fund founded by former entrepreneurs to invest in the most promising innovators. New Oriental co-founders Bob Xiaoping XU and Victor Qiang WANG established ZhenFund in 2011 in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China. ZhenFund has been actively supporting entrepreneurs and startups in TMT, future technologies, AI, enterprise services, healthcare, education, and entertainment, among others. ZhenFund now has a network of over 600 portfolio companies, including over 10 unicorns based in China. Selected industry-leading startups include MeiCai, HERO, VIPKID, 17ZhuoYe, ZhaoGang, YITU, XiaoHongShu, Mia, and ofo. ZhenFund is honored to have been ranked “#1 Early-Stage Investment Firm” by Zero2IPO five years in a row since 2014.

真格基金是由徐小平、王强先生于 2011 年联合红杉资本中国基金创立的早期投资机构。真格基金自创立伊始,一直积极在互联网、移动互联网、未来科技、人工智能、企业服务、医疗健康、消费升级、教育、内容娱乐及大文化等不同领域寻找最优秀的创业团队和引领时代的投资机会。真格基金陆续投资了 600 余家创业公司,并收获了美菜、英雄互娱、VIPKID、一起教育科技、找钢网、罗辑思维、依图科技、小红书、蜜芽、 ofo 等行业瞩目的独角兽企业。自2014年起,真格基金已连续 5 年获得清科排名的“中国早期投资机构 30 强”第 1 名。

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