Paul Jones Entrepreneur (Serial Founder & Investor)

Saturday, May 25, 2013, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM UTC

About this event

Shenzhen is China's biggest mixing pot: of cultures and backgrounds, skills and ideas, industries and products - and even public policies. Ask any Shenzhener, Chinese or foreign, where they are from or what keeps them occupied, and don't expect an easy answer. So, how can Startup Grind possibly hope to capture all the varied ingenuity & complexity of our city in one guest? Well, we can try - and it's a pleasure to introduce Paul Jones as our first fireside chat partner for Saturday, May 25th in Nanshan, Shenzhen at 7 PM. Paul is Mr. Entrepreneur. Literally, ask to see his passport. Born with the hustle, Paul has made work his life's passion ever since Paul's Polished Pebbles, his first business at 9 years old. Since then, Paul has founded, owned, financed, or managed over 150 companies across every sector from manufacturing to real estate to marketing to logistics. With 10 years invested in Thailand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia after half a lifetime of business in the West, Paul brings a wealth of international experience to Shenzhen. While focused in internet, marketing, and production industries, Paul keeps a broad portfolio of past and present projects: look for the Paul Jones line of men's clothing in select retailers; or if you're in Africa, for his new line of Navestar tablets & smart devices empowering the continent's entrepreneurs. The eminent mentor, Paul's other life goal is helping other passionate people find their way in business. In Shenzhen and have the startup fire burning in you? Make sure to come to our first meeting, learn from Paul's experience, and connect with our speaker & other entrepreneurs. We'll be digging into Paul's background, his entrepreneurial journey, his present & future projects, and the things that drive him - and giving you the chance to ask your own questions. If you encounter problems with EventBrite/PayPal in China, please RSVP via our Meetup group for discounted tickets.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013
11:00 AM – 2:30 PM UTC


11:00 AMNetworking and Food
12:00 PMFireside Chat
1:00 PMNetworking