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Started in 2014, Startup Grind Shenzhen has become "the community" that startups go when they move to the city to chase their dreams. in southeastern China, Shenzhen is a modern metropolis that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland and also one of the fastest developing cities of the country. 

Shenzhen's cityscape results from its vibrant economy - made possible by rapid foreign investment following the institution of the policy of "reform and opening-up" in 1979. The city is a leading global technology hub, dubbed by media as the next Silicon Valley and China's Silicon Valley. It was one of the fastest-growing cities in the world in the 1990s and the 2000s, and has been ranked second on the list "top 10 cities to visit in 2019" by Lonely Planet.

Home to many world's tech giants like Tencent, Huawei, HTC, DJI, and constantly growing new startups and innovations. 

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Past Events

Global Conference 2021

Impact Investors on Alternative Protein Foods Startups (DaoFoods)

Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Mental Wellness Innovation and Tech Support

The Skill of Humor in Business - A fireside chat with Andrew Tarvin

Using Kickstarter to Launch Your Product, Build a Loyal Following – and Raise Money (Kickstarter & Switchbot)

Startup Grind Shenzhen X AWS - AI/ML Series - How AI Applications Accelerate Startup Innovation

Expanding into Overseas Markets: A fireside chat with Senior Director, Public Affairs, Huawei Technologies, Chris Pereira

Find Your Voice and Supercharge Your Creativity – Female Leadership Panel

Startup Grind Shenzhen X AWS - AI/ML Series - Innovative Application of Machine Learning

Startup Grind Shenzhen X LKK - How can Hardware Startups Adjust to the Post-pandemic New-normal

Dare to Collaborate: Expediting Performance Materials Growth with Fusion Innovation

Startup Grind Shenzhen X AWS - AI/ML Series - AI Status, Participants, and Trends

How Mentorship Can Help Startups Power Through COVID-19 Recovery (AWS)

Webinar - Reinventing Healthcare through AI

We are hosting Cristie Z. (

We are hosting Antoine S. Bunel (Top 100 China KOL Creative Chef (Fusion Food) TV Host)

Christmas Party! New Year New You

Berlin-Shenzhen Startup Night (Cross-Border Market Entry, AI, Industry 4.0 etc.)

Global IoT&Robotics Startup Mixer (SenseTime, Sugr, etc.)

We are hosting Laurence Von Thomas (Reflex)

Why Good Management Helps Startups Win

Female Leaders in Cross-Border Startups (OnePiece Work)

Shenzhen-Spain Startup Mixer Event

We are hosting Jidong Wei (Agile.X)

We are hosting Jidong Wei (Agile.X)

We are hosting Jackson Wightman (Proper Propaganda)

We are hosting Zemao Deng (LKK)

Minimalism in Community Building (Startup Grind Shenzhen)

We are hosting Cristina Ventura (Lane Crawford Joyce Group)

We are hosting Crystal Peterson (Neustar Registry Services)

Berlin-Shenzhen Startup Night (Cohost w/ StartUp AsiaBerlin)

We are hosting Qiang Zhao (PearlCare)

Creating Your Personal Brand: A Workshop with Josh Steimle (Influencer Inc.)

We are hosting Sergey Molchanov (Mail.Ru)

We are hosting Bickey Ge (BOWOOD)

We are hosting Ask Me Anything with Steve Hoffman (Founders Space)

We are hosting Camille Considine (Flexport)

We are hosting Yanqian Feng "Sansan" (Founder of StarEat)

We are hosting Alessandro Cormio (Somos Digital)

We are hosting Cen Zi (HelloEOS)

Realizing Singularity on the Blockchain with Ben Goertzel (CEO & Co-Founder of SingularityNET)

Summer Party with Lair East

We are hosting Miroslava Duma (Future Tech Lab)

We are hosting Thibaut Grégoire & Etienne Ravaud (Schneider & Airbus)

We are hosting Huidi Liu (Green Pine Capital Partners)

We are hosting IPENGOO

We are hosting Cristina Ventura (Lane Crawford Joyce Group)

The Evolution of Blockchain with Howard Wu (Dekrypt Capital)

Startup Annual Christmas Party

We are hosting Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola (Space Nation)

We are hosting Jacques Verly ( Phasya )

We are hosting IoT startups from the Valley (w/ ReadWrite Labs)

Hosts Duncan Davidson (General Partner at Bullpen Capital)

Building a global company from China w/ Jingkang Liu (CEO & founder of Insta360)

The Product Behind Uber with Chris Saad (Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform)

Mu Ren (Partner & CMO of Laidian)

Discussing Global Connectivity for Startups w/ Allan Chou (CMO of RocketSpace China)

Suna Wang (CEO & Chief Experience Officer of Breo)

Fireside chat w/ Youssef El Kaddioui who helped startups raise $1B+

Yufei Hu, VP of Operation (Bluegogo)

Steven Hoffman (Founders Space)

Kai Liu (Morningside Venture Capital)

Joseph Zhou (Bits x Bites)

Sean Song (Sugr)

Edith Yeung (General Partner, 500 Startups)

Trevor Owens (The Lean Startup Machine)

Joshua Steimle (MWI & Author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work)

Michael Perry (DJI)

Yichong Bai (RabbitPre)

Tian ZHOU (Blink)

Kelvin Jia (Creation Venture Partners)

Christophe Branchu, Mingjie Huang (Emie Lab)

Shawn Xiao (Sexy Salad)

Ethan Lin (Klook)

Derek Andersen (Startup Grind)

Chenyu Zheng (Sister Apple) (Whisper)

Steven Lam (GoGoVan)

Michael Han (Nashangban)

Xu Xiao (InnoValley)

Eric Pan (Seeed Studio)

Song Li (Zhenai)

Lie Guo (MYOtee脸萌)

Minerva Tantoco (UBS)

Mary Ann O'Donnell (Fat Bird)

John Sie (Accuvally)

Dexter Lu and Martin Li (Kuaidi, Uber)

Allison Baum (Director-General Assembly Hong Kong)

Laurent Le Pen (Omate Truesmart)

Tim Nybo and Nick Ramil (The Elevator Life)

Cyril Ebersweiler (AXLR8R Network, SOSventures)

Mihran Papazian (Exclusive Brands & dianboom)

Paul Jones Entrepreneur (Serial Founder & Investor)


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