Startup Grind Chongqing Hosts CEIBS: Shameen and Mathieu Wing Tse: Virtual Fireside Chat-- Strategies for Effective Partnerships between Corporations & Startups.

Wed, Apr 28, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Drawing upon over a decade of research in multiple locations – but with a focus on China – Professor Prashantham will provide the “why”, “how,” and “where” of corporation-startup partnering using examples from Microsoft, BMW and Unilever.  As a former MBA student in Professor Prashantham’s class at CEIBS, Mathieu will provide the entrepreneur’s perspective. Namely, how he developed his startup at the school’s entrepreneurship lab (eLab), and how he is now partnering with corporations to bring affordable energy solutions to Africa.

Prashantham教授利用十多年来在世界多地的研究,以中国为重点,引用微软、宝马、联合利华为例,为企业和初创公司解答“为什么”、“怎么样”以及“在哪里”等合作方面的问题。 Mathieu是Prashantham教授在中欧国际商学院MBA的学生,科技初创公司WINKO Solar联合创始人。他将分享他是如何在中欧eLab发展他的初创企业的;也会从企业家的视角,分享初创企业是如何与大公司合作,为非洲带来平价的能源解决方案。

Questions In this SG Virtual Fireside Chat, We will discuss these questions : 


What are the common ways you see startups partnering with corporations?

How can startups persuade corporations to partner?

What skills are required from both sides in order to maximize the chances of success?

What are some of the pitfalls of partnering, and how can they be avoided?

What are some of the specific challenges facing entrepreneurs in China when pursuing cross order partnerships?

What does a full-time MBA at CEIBS have to offer entrepreneurs?



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    Wednesday, Apr 28
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