Startup Grind Shenzhen X BLLB | May Women's Leadership Month Event: Focus on Sel

May 25, 6:00 – 9:00 AM

BLLB Book & Coffee (Gushu), 1F, Building 4B (Lixia), Taihua Wutong Island, Bao'an District Aviation Road, Shenzhen, 518000

Celebrate Women's Leadership Month with us at BLLB, Shenzhen. Our event, themed "Focus on Self, Embracing a Diverse Life," will delve into the multifaceted aspects of women's leadership in today's dynamic innovation landscape.

In-person event
Fireside ChatPanel Discussion

About this event

Amid the economic downturn, people are further examining their relationship with themselves and the external environment. The rapid development of the innovation ecosystem has made how women exercise and realize leadership, break personal identity barriers, and reshape themselves a topic of concern.

Against this backdrop, we have planned an event themed "Focus on Self, Embracing a Diverse Life" to explore how women can cross boundaries, break stereotypes, and bravely recognize and step out of the framework that defines themselves, focusing on and reshaping their true selves.

Holo Zheng, currently incubating startup companies and making early investments in a large European enterprise. Having studied and worked in five countries, her roles have ranged from semiconductor marketing to COO of a robotics company, from media producer to VP of a global innovation platform.

This event will revolve around Holo's personal experiences and professional insights, and we have invited Hao Zheng, co-founder of Quantisan, and Sheila Peng, founder of Zhuanyi Technology, to participate in a roundtable discussion about the entrepreneurial spirit of female leaders in different cultures and industries. We hope to inspire more women to pursue leadership roles, encourage them to innovate in their respective fields, and also provide participants with a platform for exchanging ideas, building connections, and growing together.

Fireside Chat Topics:

  • The Growth Story of a Little Star: No One Just Pops Out of a Stone
  • Polishing Core Competencies Amidst Industry Changes
  • Insights Gained from Six Years in Israel
  • Promoting Growth and Innovation in Enterprises at Different Stages
  • Entrepreneurship is a Lifetime Commitment

Roundtable Interview Topics:

Female Leadership in Post-80s and Post-90s Generations: Refining, Demonstrating, and Enhancing


  • When did you start realizing the need to establish leadership?
  • What directions did you focus on to cultivate it?
  • How did you find your own methods and style?


  • What was the biggest obstacle or setback you encountered as a leader? How did it affect your subsequent leadership development?
  • What are the similarities and differences in the demand for leadership in different cultures and institutions? What adjustments have you made? Can you give a representative example?


  • What aspects of leadership are you focusing on in the current environment, and what methods are you using?
  • What are some effective ways to enhance leadership?
  • What advice would you give to women who are growing or are leaders?
  • How can we promote an environment with a higher proportion of female leadership? What can be done in daily life?

*This event will be held in Mandarin Chinese. 

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  • Holo Zheng

    A Large European Company

    Company Builder

  • Hao Zheng



  • Sheila Peng

    Zhuanyi Technology



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Opening Introduction by Startup Grind Shenzhen
Introduction to BLLB Community and Tour of Taihua Wutong Island
Fireside Chat with Holo Zheng


  • Grace Zhang

    Startup Grind Shenzhen



  • Geng (Grace) Zhang

    Shenzhen Energy

    Brand Manager

  • Yan Wang


    Chapter Co-director

  • Miro Li

    Double V Consulting


  • Leo Liu


    Capital Manager

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