E-commerce & Digital Marketing Workshop by Usman Chughtai

Saturday, October 26, 2019, 4:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

We are going to conduct one-day workshop on E-commerce & Digital Marketing by Usman Chugtai. Our aim is to provide practical training to our participants. The objective of Startup Grind Sialkot is to join hands of technologists with industrialists. Sialkot, being an industrial city requires a technological revolution and we are here to ensure that it happens through our platform.

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About this event

 Sialkot is an Industrial city. It's one of the most important cities in the country as it accounts for a huge chunk of country's total exports. People aspire to become entrepreneurs and start their own manufacturing units here. We believe that if we can join the hands of industrial sector with technology, Sialkot, it's people, it's industries will prosper. Therefore, with the sole aim of "Industry meets Technology", which happens to be our mantra, we are organizing one-day workshop on E-commerce & Digital Marketing by Usman Chughtai. 

Our message to industries is "if you can produce well enough for others to sell it, why can't you sell it?" We are bringing the best instructor who is already known as the Guru of E-commerce & Digital Marketing, not only in Sialkot, but all across the country. 

The broadly voyage preacher soul and excellent mind, Usman Chughtai is a main Pakistani E-commerce proficient with a universal introduction. He is a practiced business visionary who fills in as a beacon for the Pakistani youth and rising E-trade industry.

The conceived E - trade pioneer is a good example for new entrepreneurs. He is expected to direct the nation out of budgetary mash via landing it into the computerized advertising world where the young people of Pakistan will involve the top openings in driving worldwide outfits identified with data innovation and other decision fields.

The advanced promoting strategist with over 15 years of rich encounters in deals, showcasing, preparing, and Internet advertising is a calm proficient who is known for his credulous and dynamic thoughts and untiring endeavors to realize those ideas. He directs business people and experts to walk onto the new worldwide focused markets past wildernesses.

He beefs them up with showcasing abilities and train them into specific personals to infer advanced advertising methods. He utilizes various mediums and systems that includes the web index promoting SEM, video advertising, and web based life showcasing plans to support the items and administration deals and advertising.

Usman Chughtai is an accomplished computerized marketeer, Internet publicist and print media master who endeavors digital world in the time of commercialization and bleeding edge competitive innovations to encourage business premiums and picture of the customers. He accepts that in the consistently changing computerized special age, the dynamic associations are in direct need to effectively and forcefully use web emerging out advertising chances to acknowledge particular longs for advancement and success. Rather than internet searcher promoting, He has consistently settled on web search tool, which is in fact his exchange discharge that he imparts to all, decisively.

He has constantly used the intensity of web based life, websites, recordings, PPC-pay per click and other web based advertising apparatuses to help empower the organizations to remain a top and to make guarantee that the brands ought to develop and leave a profound print through improved referrals. He additionally helps the new potential business substances to utilize online business offices and contact a large number of customers in brief period, vitality and assets. He likewise energizes new and old organizations concerns the same to utilize web promoting methodologies, site design improvement SEO, shopper advertising, video showcasing, web buyer conduct and examination, web-based social networking the board and web crawler advertising SEM as basic apparatuses of the advanced occasions.

Usman Chughtai is a conceived contender who never surrenders and has consistently gained by every inability to connect with the new statures of progress. He conveys a similar message to the business people and youth combined with his over oceans encounters, which he partakes in his decidedly ready talks and in open in-house discusses that he holds in free for enlisted members upon come back from each outside excursion. Usman Chughtai is a person with vision who had consistently acted early propelling new thoughts and dynamic activities pursued by the rest. His milestone adventures incorporates the dispatch of first ever " Call Center " of the nation. He presented fast wireless web access in Pakistan. He is likewise the Microsoft confirmation pioneer in the nation. He had additionally contributed vigoursly to the advancement of web based selling by setting up eBay in 2004 and running distinctive online organizations with incredible accomplishment up 'til now. His local town Sialkot is the center point of an enormous assortment of world-class mechanical products.

We are very excited to conduct this workshop and bring about a productive change in Sialkot. 

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