Startup Baithak - An Entrepreneur’s Tale with Usman Nazir

Friday, March 18, 2022, 1:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

Continuing our Startup Baithak series - An entrepreneur's tale - we are inviting Usman Nazir, CEO of Theta Solutions, a thriving Software house in Sialkot. This event will be all about this young entrepreneur's story of his startup; the failures, the struggles and the successes and the challenges. Join us as we learn through the journey of a go-getter entrepreneur!

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About this event

Startup Baithak - an Entrepreneur's Tale is a series of startup events in which we invite young and thriving entrepreneurs.

After receiving an overwhelming response to our last event in the series, we are back with another fireside chat with an amazing entrepreneurial hero of our community!

The series being a door to learning from young entrepreneurs in Sialkot, we are hosting Usman Nazir, CEO Theta Solutions, a thriving Software house in Sialkot. He is an IT Consultant, certified trainer at University of Wales (United Kingdom) and a Gold Medallist at UET.

With 10+ years of professional development experience in the international market, he has worked in various technologies and platforms and has professionally developed and supervised 100’s of projects worldwide.

As a trainer, he has trained thousands of students who are serving the IT industry in various sectors across the globe.

His main aim continues to be the enhancement of IT export in order to contribute towards the country's economy and bring IT awareness & Digital Transformation in Businesses and Industry Automation.

This event is all about learning the dos and donts, how-tos and what-tos of his Startup journey. Let's have a look at the struggles of this young entrepreneur who has started a thriving journey!

Join us for this insightful event where we will get to learn from and celebrate Mr. Usman's story!

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  • Usman Nazir

    Theta Solutions



Friday, March 18, 2022
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM UTC

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