An evening with CEO of BitStar Co., Ltd. Taku Watanabe

Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

Creating new industries and cultures through business Provider of an influencer support platform designed to help individuals to demonstrate their creativity. The company's influencer platform offers content production and media businesses to support advertising networks, enabling clients to discover, develop and monetize production through the use of IT.

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Bitstar is one of the leading influencer marketing firms in Asia, creating a comprehensive infrastructure to enable influencers to become more creative. In addition to agency and production services, Bitstar has created various new services and tools catering to its clients’ needs including a fan community platform for influencers, a discovery and info platform for advertisers.

In realizing the mission, the organization has set up Vision to “create a business group” and “create infrastructure for influencers to be active” as a business. The company was formerly named Bizcast.

We are promoting five businesses: influencer advertising business, production business, program production business, new project development business, and overseas business. The main products include BitStar, a COLLABO platform for YouTuber and companies, and the management and content production of influencers. There is an influencer production “E-DGE”. BitStar enables YouTuber Matching with companies wanting to conduct influencer marketing. E-DGE also supports the Internet expansion of television stations and publishers, and offers one-stop performers from casting, programs and acquiring advertisers. There are 1500 YouTuber registered in BitStar (as of July 2017), approximately 90 million fans, and more than 600 companies including major listed companies (as of December of the same year). The VTB Group is also deployed, and it is one of the largest platforms in Japan.

In August 2018, the company announced that it will raise 1.3 billion yen. The following year, on September 2, 2019, it merged with the subsidiary Mezzo One. With this merger, 500 livers who were enrolled in Mezzo One were transferred to the company and utilizing the know-how accumulated in the influencer industry, liver to accelerate the process of growing as an influencer and create the next generation of stars.

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  • Taku Watanabe

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