Let's learn conversational story telling from Mr. Marc Canter, the father of Multimedia

Saturday, January 23, 2021, 1:00 – 2:30 AM UTC

Instigate's platform combines: email marketing, media storytelling and ChatBots into a unique new kind of "creativity tool." Marc Canter was behind Macromedia and developed various platforms to engage social media audience. Join us to learn how to create conversational story telling from Mr. Marc Canter.

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Marc Canter is a 40 year software toolsmith, who is best known as the co-founder of MacroMind, which became Macromedia. Marc is known as "the father of multimedia."  Marc traveled to Tokyo during the go-go years (1987-1995) before "Babuwah hajiki mashtah." Marc gave one of the first keynote speeches at Makuhari Messe, when it first opened.

In the 90's Marc designed and built systems for Interactive Music Videos (MediaBand), Interactive TV Talk Show (the Marc Canter Show), Venue based entertainment OS (MediaBar), a Digital City prototype (Trieste, Italy) and an Internet IP TV channel (NOW.com.) Marc also had a deal with Dentsu, where he worked on the original design for Odaiba City.

In the 00's Marc built social networking systems (PeopleAggregator), co-founded the Identity Gang and also released an open OurMedia.org video sharing platform. '09 saw Marc move his family to Cleveland, OH for five years to develop an economic development model and platform called Digital City Mechanics. Marc then developed a new kind of Messaging App (Cola) until he founded Instigate in 2016.

Instigate, Inc. was founded in 2016 - originally to develop a FaceBook ChatBot entertainment platform. Since then the company has developed three prototypes, which have been tested extensively. The company plans on launching their 3rd prototype - in Q1 '21. Instigate's 2nd partner is Dr. Steve DiPaola, a Cognitive Psychologist, AI/VR expert at Simon Fraser Univ in Vancouver, B.C.

Instigate's platform combines: email marketing, media storytelling and ChatBots into a unique new kind of "creativity tool." Instigate features a unique "privacy first" social model which allows Creators to share their self-expression privately, first - w/friends and family - before (if they wish) to share it publicly. Brands, Celebs & Influencers will utilize Instigate to get their media messaging + interactivity directly into their SuperFans and Customers InBoxes.

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