SDG Series : Trista Bridges ( Principal & Co-founder, Read the Air )

Feb 5, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

'Climate Change', 'Natural Ecology Degradation', 'Weath Creation Opportunity Inequity', 'Universal & Inclusive Socio-Economic Empowerment', 'Water Crisis', 'Pollution Crisis' etc are now reality of the daylights. Each one us has to do our bit to save the future. Join a warm, interactive and vibrant conversation with Ms Trista Bridges about how 'ESG Strategies' can be incorporated at all levels.

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About this event

Trista Bridges is a sustainable business expert who's passionate about changing business for good. Strongly believing that sustainable business = smart business, she co-founded Read the Air ( to shift mindsets, business strategies, and ways of working towards business models that put sustainability at the core. She works with companies of all sizes on this topic, including with VC funds where she currently supporting a Japan-based fund to integrate ESG principles into their investment activities and operations. Trista is co-author of "Leading Sustainably: The path to sustainable business and how the SDGs changed everything", published in 2021.

Read the Air is a business advisory coalition providing a complete range of high-end advisory services and strategic tools that help organizations by creating timely, relevant and accurate solutions to their sustainable business and operational needs. We offer a broad portfolio of methods for connecting company management, staff, supply chains and communities across business lines to ensure best practices in sustainable operations for all stakeholders.

During the event Trista will share her Story, how she got involved, and why we should get involved, 

RSVP today, and show your commitment to protecting our planet Earth, for you and for me.


マーケティング戦略と持続可能なビジネスの専門家。サステイナビリティを核としたビジネスモデル構築に向けて、マインドセットやビジネス戦略、働き方を転換するために「Read the Air」を共同設立。ヨーロッパ、南北アメリカ、アジア地域において、消費財、メディア、テクノロジー、ヘルスケア、金融サービスの分野に携わるなど、豊富なキャリア経験を持つ。ケロッグ経営大学院MBA。「Leading Sustainably: The path to sustainable business and how the SDGs changed everything」を共著。

トリスタ・ブリッジス氏(とドナルド・ユーバンク氏)は、東京を拠点とする国際的なアドバイザリー会社「リード・ザ・エア(空気を読む)」の共同設立者であり、企業が持続可能性を経営の核に据えることを支援。共著として『Leading Sustainably-The path to sustainable business and how the SDGs changed everything(持続可能性を導く- 持続可能なビジネスの進路とSDGsが改革したもの)』がRoutledgeから上梓されている。ブリッジス氏は戦略とマーケティングの専門家で、消費財、金融サービス、テクノロジー、ヘルスケアなど、さまざまな地域やセクターで豊富な経験があり。

2020年に、Mahadevan “Mack” Ramachandran氏とRoland Thompson氏とのパートナーシップにより、日本の新興インパクト市場に知識、評価、マッチメイキングのソリューションを提供するインパクト投資サービス「Impact Exchange」を開発中。



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Saturday, February 5, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM UTC


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