Leticia Cavalcante, Head of Driver Operations for Waymo on the Future of Driverless Vehicles

Thursday, May 6, 2021, 2:00 – 2:45 AM UTC

Helping develop the world's most experienced driver cannot be easy. Considering an unconventional path to the Head of Driver Operations for Waymo, Lety started her career as a tax lawyer in São Paulo before moving to the United States as a fraud investigator and auditor. Lety, an extraordinary woman in tech, now oversees Google's inspired Ride-Hailing Missions Control Operations at Waymo.

About this event

In our next event, we make host to Leticia Cavalcante, an extraordinary leader and mentor from Waymo. Having worked her way to a senior position within Waymo, a company that is continuously under the spotlight for its incredibly innovative take on autonomous driving vehicles. Having driverless cars on the road makes a lot of people sceptical of the idea, with some incredibly excited at the prospect of having autonomous vehicles pick us up for work, from the bar or to a friends wedding. We get an update of where the driverless vehicle's that were initially rolled out in Arizona are currently at, the technology behind the cars, and what the next steps are for the Alphabet owned business as they enter a new frontier.


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