Show & Tell: Vika Viktoria is About to Change Your Story - Virtual Event

Sunday, July 18, 2021, 5:00 – 5:45 PM UTC

Ever wanted to learn how to become the kind of storyteller that shifts culture, business and relationships? Ever met someone who helped you reframe your own stories so that you could accelerate your growth? We introduce to you, Vika Viktoria, award-winning storyteller, global speaker, and teacher. She teaches the power of story to heal relationships, improve communication, and create freedom.

About this event

When we met her, Vika's story struck us even more than her purple hair. She intentionally walked away from a successful career in Ad-Tech to embark on a 28-month solo backpack adventure, wherein she launched an underground men's dinner salon to explore emerging notions of masculinity with men from Berlin to Tel Aviv. Within her advisory, Vika works with mission-driven teams and leaders to improve their storytelling and with men to support their evolution.

Incredibly grateful to have Vika join part of our ever growing community!

DETAILS: Vika will be kicking off a Virtual Live event on Sunday 18th July 10:00am. Virtual workshops will happen monthly.

TOPICS: " How to Build Relationships & Wealth: The Science & Art of Smarter Storytelling" and "Brave New Men: Re-imaging Peace, Presence, & Power" and "How to Never Be Lonely: Cultivating Relational Health Bootcamp" and " Redefine to Realign: What Does Success Mean?" and " Mindmapping Moonshots: How To Launch A New Life Story".

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