Step On Stage Startup Virtual Pitch Event

West Los Angeles
Thu, Jan 26, 6:30 PM (PST)

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About this event

We will be hosting a virtual "Step On Stage Event", where we are asking startups in our community to come forward and have the opportunity to pitch their business in front of a virtual audience, along with exposure to our respective social platforms, and lastly have a winner decided by our panel of Judges.

For this unique event, the Winner selected by the panel will receive access to investors in their field and growth mentorship.

Requirements to enter:

   a. Startups looking for funding or raising capital

   b. Pitch must NOT be longer than 4:00min (you will be able to share you screen with your deck)

   c. Any industry startup is allowed

   d. In your email to enter, provide:

Full Name, LinkedIn Link, Business Name, an about of the business+ website (WIth the subject "Step On Stage Virtual Entry"

Please email at

The Judge Panel will be released next week, also please note, we are only considering a select few startups that need to apply before - Monday 23January 2023

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