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We help Entrepreneurs and Wannapreneurs in Saudi Arabia to achieve their dreams by educating them and connecting them to other people and institutions within Eco-system in Makkah region.

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Startup Grind Europe - Asia connect

The Fundamentals of Photoshop

Business Development Workshop

Infographics Fundamentals Workshop

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

We are hosting Ahmed Darwish

The effect of Covid-19 on Marketing

The Effect of Covid-19 on Ecosystem

The effect of Covid-19 on Food

Covid-19 effect on hardwares, softwares and manufacturing

The effect of Covid-19 on Investment

The effect of Covid-19 on Accelerators and Incubators

Covid-19 Effect on Logistics (Presented by AWS)

Covid-19 Effect on Edu-tech (Presented by AWS)

Covid-19 Effect on E commerce

Trusted Operations with Osama Harfoush

We are hosting Marwah Nadreen - CEO Strong Independent Dreamer Academy

Need for Speed!

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

What is MVP and why is it necessary?

Empathy Map: How it can test how success is your idea

How to find the best partner for your startup

Business Model Canvas

Feasibility Study For Small Businesses

Transforming Ideas to startups

Investment for startups


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