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The world has changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic - a global change in the way we live, work, and think. Today, more than ever, our friends, family, and neighbors are exploring new directions in their lives. I started StartupGrind-MB more than 3 years ago to better connect our local community of entrepreneurs, investors, and startup initiatives - to foster new friendships within our own neighborhood. With this series we’ll continue to create new friendships and explore how our community of seasoned professionals are changing their lives and their work. Our goal is to become closer together and foster optimism, hope, and innovation in our own backyard.

This community is built for us here in the South Bay - if you'd like to recommend a guest speaker or a local service/product  -  or any feedback in general, please use this form:


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Shoutout to Oso Porto - local artist with amazing gear.   OsoPorto-referral-link - https://www.talkable.com/x/wQU9DB   

(We buy OsoPorto gear as gifts for our featured speakers - the above link gives us a discount on that gear :) )

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