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Startup Grind Pune is India’s most successful and longest-running chapter.

Till date we have successfully conducted 50+ events over the past 5 years - Thus being awarded the most consistent chapter in India :) 

Startup Grind community now has a reach of over 10,000 people with an active member group of over 1500 CXOs

We believe in making friends, not contacts; giving, not taking; helping others before helping yourself.

Keep following us for new events happening in Pune!

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Past Events

Scaling a team and maintaining quality by Howie Altman

From startup to acquisition for a consulting company: The Magic Behind the Merge

Hosting Surbhi Rathore for a Fireside Chat: 100X Teams

Hosting MELISSA TURNER for a Fireside Chat: 100X Teams

We are hosting Sam Sur of CodeData: 100X teams

Presented with AWS: 100X teams

Hosting Aniket Awati for a Fireside Chat

Hosting Advocate Pooja Terwad- Learning Legalities of fund raising

Hosting Mukta Aphale

Hosting Dhanesh Mehta and Tanvi Kenjale for a discussion on real estate and technology

{Webinar} How to Meet Security, Privacy, & Compliance Requirements in Healthcare

{Webinar} With Siddhartha Ahluwalia on the topic "Art of Fundraising and Investor Relations"

How startups can do business with multi billion dollar organizations like TomTom

Fireside Chat with Shashank Randev (Head Investments, PIOCCI & Angel Investor)

Webinar with Arie Brish on the topic "Having a good idea? Think about the implementation details"

Go online, Go digital: for Small business with Chetana Pawar

Webinar with Laurel Farrer on the topic "Remote Work: The Great Equalizer"

Webinar with Raj Adhav on "How to secure success in 3 simple ways"

Saurabh Majumdar - CEO & Founder at Tellofy Inc. Pune<> Austin Connect

Fintech funding in India with Aparajit Bhandarkar - CEO at DICE Fintech

Badal Saboo - Fashionpreneur & Strategist

Beer pe Charcha - Year end party

Akash Sureka - Serial Entrepreneur with Exit, and Global Advisor

Akshay Mehrotra - Co-Founder and CEO of EarlySalary

Hosting Prasad Patil of Happy Running Joyfully living

Webex talk with Venky Swaminathan

Mayank Jain - Head of India at

Sudharshan Mednikar (Managing Director at MTD Products - India)

Aditya Patil - Co-founder of Start It Up NYC

We are hosting Keerthi Kadam of POCC

We are hosting Sowmya Iyer

2nd of the 2 Blockchain talks- Sudin Baraokar - Advisor Innovation SBI

1st of 2- BlockChain talks- Mohnish Sharma of HaraBaag in March

We are hosting Bala Nadar (

We are hosting Poornima Parameswaran Batish

Hosting Mo Riddiford

We are hosting Siddharth from

Vishwesh Jirgale Head R&D Microsoft Pune IDC

Hosting Aboli Maydeo

Startup Grind Pune Hosts Rishika Chandan

Sachin Bhide of EHA Management consultancy

Manjula Nair of Creative Bharat

Learn building a global company from BG, Cofounder of HelpShift

Deepti Kasbekar (

Sanju Burkule (Rean Cloud)

Aditya Joshi (Quark Experiences)

Kaustubh Dhargalkar (Mentor)

Vinay Nathan (Altizon)

Sanchit Malik (Townscript)

Saket Khanna (Meal Tango)

Yogesh Pathak (Kartri Ventures)

Uma (Nidmarty)

Sagar Patil (Ressy)

Rohan Dighe (ViralMint)

Samir Palnitkar (ShopSocially)

Tonmoy Goswami (

Mukesh Chandra Jha (

Anshuman Singh (

Averi Pal Choudhuri (

Ankita J.P. Shroff (SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd)

Tapan Singhel (Bajaj Allianz)

Vinamra Pandiya (TastyKhana)

Neeraj Athalye (Sydler Tech)

Krishna Depura (MindTickle)


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