4 Traits that Make Women like Oprah Winfrey & Estee Lauder Natural Entrepreneurs

Women aspiring to become self-made millionaires have no shortage of inspiring role models to follow. Whether they aspire to rival Oprah Winfrey's media empire, Anita Roddick's retain conquests with The Body Shop, Lillian Vernon nationwide commerce conglomerate, or cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, the business opportunities open to women are endless - as are their successes stories. Best of all, female founders are building out in the open: they're happy and eager to display their secrets of winning at life and achieving success in the name of inspiring future female founders.

So, what are their secrets?

Naturally, it's not just one thing, but a blend of their personality and character that has helped them build and grow business empires. If you have dreams to head up your own company one day, you need others to recognize you for exhibiting the following characteristics of successful founders, going beyond gender:

1. Become an Experienced Juggler

Women are multi-tasking experts. For them, juggling more than one thing at one time is a piece of cake. For them, juggling multiple things is not a learned skill, but an innate ability. When they put their multi-tasking ability to work, the results exceed everyone’s expectations - especially those who thought they could only amount to being a housewife.

Working women with a vision in mind prove their naysayers wrong and they do it without neglecting their family. They have the skill and the expertise to juggle both home and work. When they are at work, they use their multi-tasking talents to handle a number of different projects, closing each one successfully.

2. Understand Emotions

When a woman gets married or she starts to live on her own, you see parts of her personality in the décor of her home. She decorates every inch of her home with love. With each part of her home she decorates, she thinks about her family—the family she has now or the family she will have one day.

If she is married with kids, she keeps her family’s preferences in mind. In a business setting, she brings the same concern for people emotions, likes, and dislikes - but this time, those people are her customers. She aims to make the company and its products and services exceed customer expectations. She uses her ability to assess the emotions of the customers and create a product or service that will meet their expectations.

3. Nurture Great Communication Skills

They understand the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between her and those she loves. Through her gestures and words, she sends her family and friends a sign that they can always come to her if they need to talk about an issue burdening them. At work, she strives to convert potential customers into loyal customers.

She establishes a customer-centric approach at work and an efficient customer service department in charge of answering the customer’s complaints and coming up with solutions to appease them in case they were not satisfied with the service provided to them by the company.

4. Build a High Tolerance Level

They can deal with every type of personality that stands before them. Throughout her life, she has come across several different types of personalities. To deal with them all, she has had to assume different roles.

She transforms into a psychologist when listening to her family members rant or complain, she has transforms into a nurse when she has to take care of the elder members of her family, keeping her patience intact, and more. Her high tolerance level allows her to cope with numerous challenges and grow her business into an empire.

You are a woman - you are strong and deserve to have pride in your ability to conquer the business world!