9 Unusual Ways to Rank Your YouTube Videos in Google

We all have a YouTube account. (OR, if we don't, we will sign-up today, right??)

Businesses and marketers, all love to make an impact with these accounts. Mostly this work is done to showcase more viewers. The ranking and knowledge to improve and improvise your YouTube channel can often go missing the importance of the here and now.

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. Keep in mind the usage -- approximately 30 million visitors per day. Thus, not being on YouTube is kind of a loss.

Let’s crack these nine expert hacks to rank your YouTube videos on Google. You'll find out how SEO works with these giants. Most of all -- follow these tips and you will get yourself massive and untapped traffic without much hassle.

Don’t worry -- I am not going to drop some fancy lecture here, just some cool hacks that I have used, and have witnessed the results.

Today, you will learn and understand:

  1. How ranking YouTube videos will affect your viewer listing.

  2. What type of content will help in ranking?

  3. SEO optimization of the video.

YouTube Ranking Hack#1 -- You Need Video Keywords.

Yes, that’s the ABC. You already know how the branding is done for your product or business. But, what most of us forget, is how the ranking is done. Remember if you already have a huge fan-following, you just have to publish. And, the rest is history.

But, if you don’t, then we have to start from scratch. Now, don’t just spam the content. You have to research your YouTube video keywords.

Find what is currently in the niche. Generally, Google tends to use video results for some main keywords, like:

·        The “How-to” part.

·        (Item or thing) Review.

·        Tutorials (step-by-step- guide).

·        Anything related to sports or fitness.

·        Any type of “Funny” video.

Why Consider Video Keywords?

Just like on-page SEO and image optimization, Google catches the name of the raw video file, and then does the ranking. In simple, let’s say, you optimize your video for just any keyword, that doesn’t have any video results in Google. Then you would ONLY get general traffic from YouTube.

On the other hand, if you optimize for Video Keywords, you’ll get direct traffic to your video from Google’s first page, along with other. Thus, go with a balance, and see amazing results.

How To Find Video Keywords?

Go with the keywords in your niche. Then look and search your results. And that’s how you will start the optimization before even posting the video. The target keyword should go with at least 300 searches per month on Google. I always use Google keyword planner, before launching any content work for my clients. Then I work with the niche.

Let’s say, you are a business owner of a new gym, what will you write on Google? Mostly, it will be: "How to set your gym routine?" Or "A step-by-step gym guide to flaunt abs." Right?

See, that’s how simple the keyword planning is, and you are just playing with words.

YouTube Ranking Hack#2 -- Make An Awesome Video.

Now, I won’t watch a video with someone just going on and on talking about boring stuff. I will simply move to the next vid, and never visit that page again. Remember, you have to attract people, not make them run away!

Improve User-Experience For Your Viewers  

The catchier the video, the better results you'll obtain -- this is the game plan. A general rule of thumb here is that the video content should be easy, simple and attractive. Initially, YouTube was okay with collective video content. The vid with more views got to be included in the ranking grade.

This way of ranking caused YouTube to revise their search results. Now, YouTube is constantly updating the search algorithm. The algorithm is now focused more on a better user-experience.

However, the collected clicks still matter. Below are the metrics that are the most important players:

  • A total number of comments on the video.

  • Over-all seconds per user spent on the video.

  • The aggregated likes on your video.

  • Video sharing count on social media.

  • Aggregated Subscribers to your video channel.

  • Sum of viewers who added your video to their favorites.

  • Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down analytics.

  • The number of times your video is <embedded> on other sites.

Until now, there has been no official time-limit set by YouTube. But, the more, the merrier, is a better approach. Go for five minutes as a minimum, and the maximum is up to you.

Don’t just create anything random or useless. Make something worthy to watch. In this way people will be more engaged with you and your BRAND.

YouTube Ranking Hack#3 -- Follow SEO Patterns.

Extracting the SEO value of your video is important. This is really simple, just like two plus two equals four.

In general, you have to optimize your video before uploading it on YouTube. And, here is how to do it:

  • Get your video file ready to upload.

  • Then, go to the raw file.

  • Right click on the file and select -- “Get Info.”

  • Now, you have to add some tags related to the content of your video.

  • Under the words “Name & Extension,” name your file with the niche keywords.

  • In the comments field, add the best possible brief description of your video.

Now, your video is ready to be uploaded on YouTube. Go ahead, and upload.

When you upload your vid, you will see a raw video name pop-up, leave that name as it is. That’s, the title of your video.

A Tip For All!

Just like with your blog, having the keyword at the very start affects the ranking. Using this same strategy will work for your YouTube video too. Add the keyword in the very beginning.

For example, “Google Ranking Hacking Tips: Learn How To Boost Your Traffic Today.”

YouTube Ranking Hack#4 -- Link Your Website.

Very IMPORTANT. Yes, I mean it. Linking is like making a bridge, and connecting, and then interconnecting.

Sometimes my clients don’t understand the importance of linking their website to their video. But it's vital to understand the importance of this linking. This is like adding more aid to the ranking process.

Let me explain it more simply. The call to action, and no call to action method is applicable here.

If you look at it, technically, YouTube is providing you with a platform that is already providing you with a built in audience. Now, your job is, to attract those viewers. The engagement should be so interactive that they automatically go to your website.

Your real marketing starts at your website. 

  • Click on the ad.

  • Take their info.

  • Give them the offer.

  • Make a sale.

Optimization Matters Everywhere.

Once you add a link, you need to optimize your video description. For example, if your keyword is, “ranking videos on YouTube,” you can also use “how to let Google rank your videos,” in the content. Your video transcript is influential, just like the content of your website, or blog, as this helps YouTube to understand more about your video in general.

Optimizing your description is fairly straight forward. Here's how to do this:

  • You must write approximately 200 to 300 words of content.

  • Source an alternative keyword with one off keyword.

  • Never duplicate your content.

  • Always use different content for every video.

  • Don’t stuff your content with keywords.

  • Keep your content original and natural.

I always write my own content. Whether it’s the blog, or the video. But, if you are too caught-up with work, outsource your content on Fiverr or Upwork.

If you must outsource, layout specific guidelines for the writer. Let them know exactly what you would like written. If you are clear in your instructions, then there will be less chance for error.

YouTube Ranking Hack# 5 -- Play With The Playlist.

You have got plenty of help from YouTube already. The tools are available, you only need to know how to play with them. For example, your YouTube playlist is not there for decoration. It helps to add an additional layer of signals to your video. You can create a new playlist for every video. Again, just play along with being simple and original.

My strong recommendation is to use synonym keywords in every playlist. Here is how to do this:

  • Click on the playlist on your YouTube video page.

  • Use your main keyword first.

  • Add your secondary keyword.

  • Now, add your file name.

  • Then, add your website name.

  • State your video description clearly.

  • Write  the name of your playlist.

  • Use more tags to catch more viewers with synonyms.

YouTube Ranking Hack# 6 -- Market Your Video.

The general rule of thumb is to advertise your video everywhere. Technically, you are shouting about it, but with a better understanding. You can use the Q&A sites like Yahoo, Quora, and MSN. The best way of using the Alexa ranking of these sites is to be proactive.

You can embed your videos in the answers. But, don’t try to paste links, or you will be quickly banned. Search the niche of the viewers on your brand. See what they are looking for. Go to the relevant section of your niche and answer questions, and then embed your video. You can use your virtual assistant to do the task, and only do positive responding with Do’s and Don’ts.

This will give you additional clicks and viewers. If you are actually resolving customer, client, or viewers' desperate attempts to get an issue resolved, then by all means -- you get a strong follower linking.

YouTube Ranking Hack# 7 -- Be Social.

Now! -- Now! I am not talking about just any social get-togethers. This is all for your social media presence. Mainly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Usually, the search engines employ the "on-page SEO" and "off-page SEO." Same is the theory for the YouTube platform.

Above, we already covered optimization of your video, and that is mainly on-page SEO. For off-page, you have to use social media platforms smartly.

Social Media And Google, Is Team Now.

Well, that was bound to happen. How can two of the strongest influences stay apart? Really. Is this any surprise? Google and Social media sites have started using the same techniques to increase overall user experience. Google acts with social media, and same goes for the social media sites. It’s mainly the interlinking that produces more followers, and views.

How To Get More Social with Your Videos?

It is simple and effective. Google will notice your videos and link them only if you follow the below steps.

You have to:

  • Make a social media account, and sync your YouTube account with it.

  • This will automatically syndicate your new video all over the social media.

  • Grow your network with social media advertisement and presence.

  • Join the social media groups of your niche.

  • You can post your video in these relevant groups on social networks.

  • Buy social signals to get more views.  

  • Try outsourcing social signals on other vendors Like Upwork or Fiverr.

YouTube Ranking Hack# 8 -- Dress-up Your Channel.

Do you go to a business meeting in your nightdress? No, you don’t. Why? Because, impressions matter. Same is the case with your YouTube channel. You have to dress-up your channel, and your brand. Your viewers will not like to come to your channel and consider it spam.

Google and social media sites also understand more about your brand -- but only if you play nice.

Here is the trick:

  • Link all of your social media pages and website together, and their links along.

  • Use and add channel images to help users and YouTube to identify your content.

  • Upload your channel image in unity with search engine optimization best practices.

  • This will signal search spiders to crawl through your channel content.

  • Try to add context to your page with YouTube-channel-name-channel-keywords.JPG

  • Go-ahead and subscribe to similar channels.

  • Use your association with Social media, search engines and YouTube well.

  • Choose long-tailed descriptions with synonym keywords to boost traffic.

Remember, the more you go with the details, the more effectively you help your video in Google ranking.

YouTube Ranking Hack# 9 -- Don’t Forget Link Building.   

Though, this is the last part of your Google ranking hacks, but it is also the most crucial of all.

Link building is the cement of whatever I have quoted above. Don’t spam your videos, or you will be banned. Stick to low competition keywords. YouTube is smart and their computer software will catch you immediately.

My recommendation is to use high-quality links over a general period of time. Here's the best way to do this:

  • Private Blog networks (PBN)

  • Social bookmarks

  • Web 2.0s.

  • Tumblr posts

  • Pinterest pins

If you are new to SEO, go with an expert. Let them do the job for you. But, still follow a light and easy span of time to build links. Back-linking is a very powerful tool, but exploiting it is dangerous.

Call To Action!

YouTube is a very hands-on, and strong platform. You don’t want to overdo something, and get a lifetime ban. You get an easy, and quick viewer-base with its user engagement.

I have outlined smart tactics to get your video ranked with ease. If you follow these smart and user-friendly tips, you will see an instant boost in your daily traffic. If you have any questions, visit my blog to study more about the growth-hacking tips.​