The 10 Commandments of Retail

Retail is a multi-trillion dollar industry in the United States. In 2017, total sales hit a new high of $5.7 trillion dollars, according to the U.S. Census. This was better than the pre-recession high of $4.4 trillion dollars in 2007 and also represents a 42 percent increase from the low of $4.06 trillion dollars in 2009.

How to Motivate Employees with Incentives

Starting a company is tough work and getting the right people in the right spots can be just as difficult. Founders often scratch their heads after they hire good people and just don't seem to be getting results.

9 Books You Should Read in 2018

Why you should read.If you want to be wealthy, successful, or really smart, then you should read books.

Issues Startups Face and How to Deal With Them Efficiently

Problems are going to occur when it comes to a startup as all businesses tend to have growing pains in their infancy. The ways that founders and staff react to these issues can have long term implications on the business and its brand.