Common Hiring Mistakes Startup CEOs Make

Hiring people is a risk for many companies and can make or break their business. As a startup CEO, you might have limited funds, and if you invest it in wrong people, you might be pushed beyond limits and a comeback will not be possible.

So, we have listed some common hiring mistakes startup CEOs make. Check them out and make sure that you do not create problems for your startup.

1. Hiring constantly.

The first mistake startup entrepreneurs make is that they keep hiring all the time. This is not good because you’ll be wasting a lot of your time in looking for quick fix and end up regretting the decision.

2. Hiring someone because you know them.

When you hire your coworkers, friends, family members and other relatives, it will be difficult for you to ask them to quit. Firing other employees is easy, but when you know them, it will not be an easy task for you. This means that you’ll end up compromising with the qualities they produce and suffer the loss unwillingly.

The best thing to do would be to draw the line between your professional and personal relations.

3. Hiring someone because they need your help.

The hiring process is as difficult . So, if you’re hiring someone just because you want to help them out, the purpose might be served, but in the bargain, you’ll make a loss, and that will not be a good site for you.

Instead, you should hire someone who has the potential to add value to your company and is willing to go an extra mile to help you get your company out of a bad situation. We are not saying that you’re currently facing bad times, but your hired employees should be in a position to get you out of a bad situation if you get into one.

4. Hiring someone to train them.

Interns are good but if there is a serious need for an employee to take up a particular task, make sure that you hire an experienced person only. Hiring someone with the thought that you’ll be in a position to train them, you might waste a lot of time and other resources. This could create unnecessary expenses, and the loss will be all yours. So, make sure that you’re hiring someone who can do a lot all by themselves.

5. Hiring someone who is a jack of all trades.

As a Startup entrepreneur, this is good for you but not for your employees. You have to be a jack of all trades, irrespective of the type of employees you have hired. However, make sure that you’re not shortlisting employees by the thought that they can do a bit of everything.

This approach will not help you because you’ll have limited employees working in your startup and that means a number of tasks will be carried out by someone who is not an expert.

6. Going too fast with the hiring process.

The hiring process has to go slow, and every candidate should be analyzed properly. Many people miss out on gems simply because they were in a hurry to shift to the next candidate. If you have made this mistake in the past, you probably know that a number of potential candidates have missed out on the right position in your company.

7. Hiring charismatic individuals.

If you use this as an approach to hire employees, you’ll not only miss out on recognizing the talent of other potential candidates but also the talent of people working for you currently. At the same time, the job role might be carried out by someone who does not have the necessary skills to work in your company.

8. Creating unnecessary restrictions during the hiring process.

Deva startup entrepreneurs who have their own set of restrictions and they want the HR to work according to the instruction set by them. However, a number of restrictions are usually unnecessary and can be avoided.

For instance, if you’re creating restrictions by gender or religion, you might miss out on people who can get the task done for you in the best possible way. So, understand the value of the employee without imposing such restrictions that will only lead to your company's downfall.