First round of pitches at Startup Grind 2018!

Led by Derek Andersen, Founder of Startup Grind.

The question to ask yourself is: What can I do to help this startup get to the next level?

Other questions might be: How will I prepare for a quickfire pitch? What will I do differently than I am hearing in this YouTube? When it is MY turn give my own quickfire pitch? Am I ready?

Olympus Labs

Currently, there is no easy way to diversify and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio without friction. With eTrade you can buy and sell stock, track the market, and invest in financial products but nothing comprehensive. Olympus Labs is a blockchain based ecosystem of financial products and services for investors to be able to diversify their risk.

For portfolio managers, they are using protocol for them to build crypto-based indexes, futures, lending products, etc. For retail consumers, they are building a comprehensive ecosystem of market data and exchanges so there is a one stop shop for all of it. Improving user experience for crypto-investing and looking for those with partnerships to exchanges as well as portfolio managers.


Can you think of one moment of your life where you really wanted to take professional photos or videos but you couldn’t? We’re here to solve that problem for you. Enevoly is a platform that connect student artists to consumers, minimizing costs by about 50% compared to the average market rate.

In Chicago, using only two photographers, they could provide service to 450 different clients generating a revenue of $60k. They have a web based platform, helping you find the artist you need, within your budget, in two minutes. Currently they have 8 artists. Looking for research analysts as they expand to new cities.


Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Uber, WhatsApp, Snapchat. App overload. Adds in content everywhere. Fragmented user experience with no integration, and it’s time to filter the noise. Introducing Fledge. Fledge simplifies the digital user’s experience for today’s professionals. Fledge unifies your existing social platforms, and provides a proprietary icebreaker system.

These enable you to create your own private business network, connecting you to professionals who share common interests, backgrounds, and experiences. using AI and geo-fencing methodologies to help you navigate, connect better, work smarter, and act in the moment.

Fledge is here to help unify and simplify your business world. We are launching Fledge at Startup Grind right now, and the app is available in the App Store and Google Play. (Fledgeconnect)

Mentors In Sync?

As an entrepreneur, there is a good chance you are looking for the guidance one can only get from a mentor. It’s reported that over 60% of startups are in need or searching for help from mentors in their given area. As an entrepreneur herself, this CEO knows what it’s like to struggle without a mentor, and so she built a network to get you connected with a mentor so you can get where you need to be faster, and with fewer mistakes.

Being at an event like Startup Grind, you find people from all over the world who can help you build such a network. Mentors In Sync wants to help connect you with their network of hundreds of mentors, at the click of a button. “We want to help you succeed.” It’s that simple. The platform is global, and free. We’ve all got knowledge, why not help each other get ahead?

No Name?

Couple of years ago this founder watched his wife go through the stress of taking care of her aging 81 year old mother. A common problem, there are hundreds of thousands of seniors added to the pool each year, about 90% of them live alone, at home. With numbers growing every year, this company looks to disrupt a 50-billion-dollar market.

Subscription based, AI backend, that learns the habits of the senior living at home with a simple sensor (like a night light) that when anything goes wrong, it alerts the caregiver. Looking for somebody to help build more into the backend. Like tesla, they want customers to fund as they build more and more features to the product.


When you move to another country, it can get pretty complicated. As an entrepreneur you generally have no contacts, little information is easily accessible, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Based on this founder and CEO’s experience of living in other countries, he wanted to find a solution to support fellow entrepreneurs. Expat provides content, networking, and other services like insurance to support members. Fully bootstrapped, they have over 2 million members and are looking to go global.

Hand 2 Hand

Connects shoppers with travelers who are already heading their way to deliver products. Helping customers have fast access to local art and regional specialties from around the world, they bring a several week delivery time down to days. With Hand 2 Hand you can have access to any product in the world, hand delivered. Looking for strategic partnerships in travel, hospitality, and similar industries. Hand to Hand is available on iOS and Android, use code SG18 for one free commission.


Job search is broken. Weeks upon weeks fruitlessly searching for jobs. Founder Stephen realized there had to be a better way. Using machine learning and real time search, it helps job searchers and employers alike pin point the perfect opportunity for you. 1200 early adopters, and 55 companies thus far. They want to build a future without the tediously long process of job search. Looking for investors, advisors and strategic partners.


Agriculture is the next big thing. Farmkart is digital farming, no they are not Zynga – they are a one stop solution for farmers; seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, equipment, etc. Providing user to user delivery, this company specializes in the last mile delivery which can be especially difficult in rural areas (like India). They also provide a unique identity so the non-tech farmer can easily leverage their company for purchases. On track to be available in over 150 locations. Looking for growth hackers to join.

SHR – Social Health Registry

Are you sh-r? The CDC released a report in 2017 citing the highest number of STD cases in history, which costs the taxpayers roughly 60 billion annually. Hoping to take the awkward out of the STD conversation, SHR wants to leverage their platform as a social registry, allowing members to have test results automatically listed.

Get tested. Know your status. Be SHR. Looking to partner with laboratories to push data for seamless integration, cooperation from dating app industry.

Moink (Moo + Oink)

Founder, CEO, and 8th generation farmer, this gal cares about where her food comes from. Connecting tender hearted carnivores with ethically sourced and humanely raised meats from family farms. Amen. The grass-fed beef industry has gone from 17 million to 272 million, with four companies controlling 80% of meat in America. This makes it difficult for small family farmers to compete. Enter Moink box, like StitchFix for meat. Subscription based platform for meat lovers who want to support local farmers, and source what they eat, ethically.