Three Viral and Trend Social Marketing Tips

You’ve most likely heard of the fidget spinner, the hover board, or even the selfie stick. These are all examples of the most viral products that have hit social media. Today we are sitting down with social media titan, Wayne Andrew Reilly.

Wayne has created some of the biggest challenges and videos across social media, and now manages well over 110 million followers on various platforms. He created the “don’t judge challenge” that had a trending hashtag with over 650 thousand posts, over one billion views, and talked about worldwide.

If that’s not impressive enough, he has a combined total of 150 million views on videos he has created and has built millions of followers for some of the big influencers you see today. Wayne has been discreet about his work but has agreed to share some insights with me as he gears up for the launch of his social growth company, “5th Wonder Entertainment”.  

1. Learning how to control the power of meme marketing.

Meme marketing is a tool very few people leverage and very few know how to capitalize on. As an example, the fidget spinner’s blow up was the meme behind it and how people could make fun of the product and a relatable manner.

This increased the overall share-ability of the content which increased the amount of eyeballs guessed it...customers.  Anyone can create a meme of their own by monitoring public trends and using a free tool like Canva.


source: r/dankmemes

Learning how to tap in the aspect of meme marketing could mean big numbers in the way of organic reach and people advertising your product for free.

2. Creating viral content to go with your product.

As mentioned above, staying updated on the current trends of social media is a big aspect in going viral, creating old viral content that has oversaturated the markets and releasing content people have already seen is not the key to viral marketing. You must think of fresh new ideas that would tap into all ages and all aspects of niche categories.

Before you post something you have to think, “would I share this with my friends?” or “does this captivate my audience in a way that they will watch the entire video?” The most important part of any content you will ever create is the first five seconds of a video, in that five seconds you have a window from people scrolling down the feed to watch and gain their attention.

You have to give them a reason to watch your entire video, whether it be big bold text, or a really loud presentation of the video before hand. If you learn these tactics this could mean the difference of 20 thousand views or 20 million views and a potential for your content to be posted on all sorts of other pages. 

3. Learn what is trending and learn how to capitalize on it.

Leveraging trending content is one of the biggest ways to tap into a massive group of new audience to bring you an exponential amounts of views. One example is “yanny and laurel,” a trend that is blowing up the internet across all social platforms.

If you learn how to twist and create a piece of content that can compete with the trend you can place yourself in the wave of the trend, getting the viewers that are watching these pieces of content and putting your video in the category of the trend.

The most important aspect of this is YOU MUST THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! Give them a point of view that they haven't seen yet and urge them to share it with their friends. 

Learning these concepts will make you very successful in the world of social media marketing. This is no way, shape or form an easy task and you should never treat this as easy money or easy numbers. Every person that likes, comments, or shares, is a person behind that keyboard or phone. Reaching them and making an impact throughout their day to remember your product and not just another commercial that they skip on a youtube video is key.

Organic reach is the most important thing to have when marketing - learning to build and capitalize on that is the difference between spending $500 and spending $50,000. These are tips gathered throughout years of hard work and dedication to the new wave of marketing.

Failing on creating something viral does not mean it didn't work, it just means you must change the way you are going about reaching the people you want to target and you are not understanding what your core audience wants. Give the people what they want and you will be very successful in this game.