Earth Day Special: 5 South Bay CxOs focused on ESG & Special Guest: SVP @ LA's Cleantech Incubator

April 20, 2023, 11:15 PM UTC – April 21, 2023, 1:00 AM UTC

StartupGrind MB's 5th meetup of our monthly 2023 series hosts 5 South Bay CEOs focused on cleantech solutions and consumer products supporting sustainability. Wrapping the event with a fireside chat with recent SVP of Innovation at LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator): Alex Mitchell

About this event

Uniquely to StartupGrind-Manhattan Beach, our 2023 series of events focuses on our seasoned local professionals here in the South Bay and host multiple new CEOs sharing their new ventures:

Our event will start with a short roundtable of these 5 local CEOs sharing their latest launches: - Amy Keller shares FAVES,  a candy that's good for people and the planet: solving the climate crisis by preventing food waste by upcycling perfectly good fruits and vegetables!

Nooroot (launching in April!) - Christina Bjornstrom shares her latest ai platform that greenifies AI by requiring 100+ times less data to train on without the need for cleaning or structuring that data - Adams Chimera shares his venture on a mission to help humans and the planet be healthier through hydration - Dylan Tinker, CFO, shares Moxy's next level building material that is carbon negative, and good for the earth using biomass waste and a better process than fiber cement.


We've developed a tradition of having local leaders share their latest adult beverage brands and have Gene Song joining from - sharing his vision of plants powering "cleaner cocktails".

Fireside chat featured guest:

Focused on the convergence of mobility, automotive and technology:

Alex Mitchell, Senior Advisor, LACI

Alex Mitchell's work at LACI has spanned multiple roles. Most recently, he was SVP Unlocking Innovation at LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator), a 501c3 non-profit, where he oversaw all of LACI's founder-facing work, including startup recruitment, startup programs, and the LACI Impact (venture capital) Fund and LACI Debt Fund. Previously, Alex served as SVP of Market Transformation at LACI, managing corporate and government partnerships and pilots. Alex joined LACI from Groupe PSA in Paris where he was VP of Corporate Strategy, co-leading the company’s acquisition of Opel from General Motors and leading the company’s work on autonomous mobility. He previously headed an automotive industry vertical at the World Economic Forum, with a focus on autonomous mobility. Alex has also served as the VP of retail sales at an LA-based EV startup Coda Automotive and worked at Toyota Europe and McKinsey.

Alex is the author of the Su$tanable Mobility newsletter


Come meet your neighbors doing incredible work!

Photo by Amelia Noyes

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April 20 – 21, 2023
11:15 PM – 1:00 AM UTC

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11:15 PMNetworking, beer and wine
11:45 PMNetworking with 4 local CEOs and their launches!
12:30 AMFireside chat
1:00 AMPost-event Networking