AI Implementation Blueprint for 2024 Healthcare Success

Jan 17, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Discover the transformative potential of GenAI in healthcare! Our webinar offers practical insights, real-world case studies, and emerging trends to seamlessly integrate AI into healthcare operations. Join us to navigate complexities, implement AI ethically, and elevate patient care.

Virtual event
Panel Discussion

About this event

As a proud partner to HLTH 2023 and the upcoming ViVE and HIMSS 2024, we are doing an exclusive webinar to do a deep dive discussion around AI Implementation in Healthcare.

Our distinguished panelists, and renowned HealthTech experts, will provide invaluable perspectives on the challenges and future of this technology in healthcare.

We're thrilled to confirm our panelists who will be joining us for this exciting discussion.

Harvey Castro, a physician, healthcare consultant, author, CEO, and healthcare influencer, brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to drive success in healthcare and digital health sectors.

David Lubarsky is the CEO of UC Davis Health and the Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences. He oversees multiple top 50-ranked entities — UC Davis School of Medicine, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UC Davis Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital.

Parul Batra, Technology Program Expert at Neuro42, is a dynamic and accomplished technology professional with a profound impact on both the corporate and healthcare technology sectors.

Priyanka Mathur, Founder & CEO of MediPocket USA, is a visionary healthcare leader, with international healthcare experience. Her vision is to transform healthcare into a data-driven, predictive model using AI and machine learning, resulting in precision medicine that’s affordable and accessible to all.

They'll be spilling beans on the use cases, challenges, and the future of AI in healthcare.

Let’s talk about the Agenda:

- Unlocking the Potential of GenAI in Healthcare

- AI in medicine and its impact on policies and regulations

- AI at Work: Practical Strategies for Your Healthcare Business

- The Future of AI in Healthcare: Emerging Trends and Priorities

The webinar will be held on Jan 17th at 11:00 AM EST. We'd be thrilled if you could join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking discussion.

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