Serverless Architecture For Healthcare: A Winning Combination To Scale Fast

Thursday, December 15, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

Mindbowser is organizing a webinar on Serverless architecture in which our experts Pravin & Kiran will cover the topic "Serverless Architecture For Healthcare: A winning combination to scale fast. "

About this event

Intro :

Serverless is a term that refers to applications that don't require a server. These types of applications don't need any server provision and don't require managing servers.

Serverless architecture is an approach to software design allowing developers to build & run services without an existing architecture.

Why serverless?

Serverless computing has several benefits compared to traditional cloud-based or server-centric infrastructure. For example, serverless architectures often provide greater scalability, more flexibility, and a quicker time to release while being more cost-effective.

In addition, serverless architectures take away the headache of purchasing, provisioning, and managing backend servers. However, serverless computing is only a magic bullet for some web application developers.

Agenda :

🌟What is serverless architecture?

🌟Serverless core technology components.

🌟Building blocks of serverless architecture.

🌟Monolithic to microservices to function as a service.

🌟Serverless reference architecture - AWS / GCP / Azure.

🌟Multi-cloud with serverless architecture.

🌟Serverless comparison with Paas & containers.

🌟Security of a serverless architecture.

🌟Serverless monitoring.

🌟Cost economics & business value with serverless.

🌟Use cases of serverless architecture.

🌟Serverless - advantages, limitations, & trends.

About the Speaker : 

1. Pravin Uttarwar - (Co-Founder and CTO at MindBowser Inc) :

A serial entrepreneur, tech geek, and community builder. Helping companies to setup their remote tech teams and scale quickly.

Co-founded CodeGrip - an automated code review SaaS platform that helps developers to save time in code reviews and to tackle technical debt efficiently.

Co-founded MindBowser - A Product Engineering company helping businesses globally to build technology solutions, technology teams and technology products.

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The event will be broadcast by video conference. The link will be sent to all registered participants.

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