The GCC Gold Rush: Why India's the Next Big Thing

Oct 28, 2023, 5:30 – 7:30 AM

Mindbowser Inc, Pan Card Club Road, Pune, 411045

The GCC Gold Rush: An upcoming event will spotlight achievements, exemplary practices, and emerging trends within the GCC region, illustrating how these hubs are reshaping the global landscape while spearheading innovation and fostering a growth-driven agenda.

In-person event
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About this event

Join us for "The GCC Gold Rush: India's Next Big Thing" in-person event, an inspiring and informative gathering where we will delve into success stories, best practices, and emerging trends from the GCC (Global Capability Center) landscape.

During this event, we will explore the following key topics:

Reinventing GCCs for a Brighter Future

Discuss how GCCs can revamp themselves today to build a brighter future.

From India to Global Leadership: Preparing GCCs

Explore strategies to prepare Indian GCCs to assume global leadership roles and identify opportunities and gaps in this journey.

Generative Technology's Role in GCCs

Learn about the impact of generative technology on GCCs, including how it can automate tasks, enhance process efficiency, and reduce costs. We'll also discuss its implications for the job market and the workforce of the future.

Globalization's Impact on the GCC Industry

Gain insights into how globalization is influencing the GCC industry. Discover the opportunities and challenges that come with greater global connectivity and interdependence. We'll also examine emerging technologies and disruptive business models shaping the global business landscape to help leaders innovate and adapt to evolving market conditions.

Our panelists include:

Pratik Jaiswal: Information Technology Manager at Greenlight, boasting a decade of expertise in IT infrastructure services. He has a demonstrated track record of developing and implementing solutions that align with business expansion, foster organizational advancement, and enhance systems efficiency. With a keen ability to identify and address problems, Pratik is proficient in overseeing systems, projects, and teams across diverse IT landscapes.

Rahul Hatkar: VP & GM at Cowbell, is a dynamic leader with 20 years of global experience in ISV, OEM, and client engagement. He excels in scaling tech centers, delivering flagship products, and driving revenue growth while ensuring operational excellence. His expertise spans strategy, PnL management, product engineering, and team leadership.

Sunil Savaram: CEO of Plural Technology Pvt Ltd with over 15 years of experience in the global expansion of enterprise software services. He excels in various aspects of business growth, including new business development, partner development, and client engagement. Sunil's professional journey encompasses full-cycle implementations of Product Life Cycle Management and ERP/CRM software, along with enterprise application integrations, software design and development, and mobile applications across various platforms. His expertise extends to PLM, ERP, and digital software sales. Sunil's primary interest areas include enterprise software implementation, E-learning, SaaS applications, mobile applications, and cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, AR, and VR.

Vamsi Mohan: Engineering Lead at Wayfair, an experienced Chief Technology Officer/Engineering Leader with a track record of building products across various domains. Currently, he's working on large-scale enterprise software products and platforms supporting multi-cloud deployments using Kubernetes, Microservices, and ML/AI pipelines.

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  • Vamsi Mohan


    Engineering Lead

  • Rahul Hatkar


    Vice President and General Manager

  • Pratik Jaiswal


    Information Technology Manager

  • Sunil Savaram

    Plural Technology Pvt Ltd



  • Pravin Uttarwar

    MindBowser Inc




Saturday, October 28, 2023
5:30 AM – 7:30 AM UTC


  • Ayush Jain


    Pune Director

  • Pravin Uttarwar



  • Pratap Basutkar

    Startup Grind

    Pune Co-Director


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