Unlock the Secrets to Thriving in a Tightening Market

Feb 3, 5:30 – 7:30 AM

Mindbowser Inc, Pan Card Club Road, Pune, 411045

Unleash your startup's potential in a tightening market! Join us for "Unlock the Secrets to Thriving," where we delve into alternative funding, bootstrap brilliance, and the art of the perfect pitch. Learn from success stories and industry experts. Note: The first 50 attendees will receive free registrations using the code 'DISC077'.

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About this event

Are you ready to elevate your startup game in the face of a tightening market? Join us for an event where we'll delve into the strategies that will set you on the path to success, even when the venture capital landscape is cautious.

During this event, we will explore the following key topics:

Funding Your Startup Beyond VC:

Discover the power of diversifying your funding sources! We'll unravel the world of alternative financing, exploring angel investors, crowdfunding platforms (Equity crowdfunding, Kickstarter, etc.), and debt financing.

Bootstrapping Brilliance:

Learn the art of bootstrapping from the best! Our event will unveil practical tips for bootstrapping your startup, featuring insights on lean operations, creative marketing strategies, and the magic of strategic partnerships. Be inspired by a founder who successfully bootstrapped their company, sharing invaluable lessons learned along the way. Get ready to thrive on your own terms!

The Art of the Pitch:

Adapt and conquer! Tailor your pitching strategy to the market demands. We'll guide you through creating pitches that emphasize value creation, strong traction metrics, and a crystal-clear path to profitability. Gain exclusive insights from a venture capitalist or angel investor who will share their current priorities and expectations in this economic climate. It's time to pitch for success!

Our panelists include:

Rajesh KalaneCo-founder at HatchFast, leverages 13+ years of experience in transforming raw data into actionable insights using diverse technologies. HatchFast, an AI-driven Dev Tool, aims to revolutionize Functional Test Automation, simplifying the process and boosting QA team productivity. With the mission to streamline Test Automation, HatchFast enables the creation of test cases 10X faster while ensuring extensive coverage.

Nitish RaiFounder and CEO at FreightFox, driven by a fervent commitment to addressing customer challenges. He is dedicated to crafting a state-of-the-art logistics operations and orchestration platform for the Indian manufacturing industry, leveraging data-driven solutions.

Aditya Kale: Founder & CEO at Airattix Storage, brings extensive expertise in warehousing and supply chain, showcasing a proven track record and a steadfast commitment to innovation in the industry.

Aditya Oza: Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder at EMotorad, is dedicated to establishing a lasting Indian brand. With a robust industry network and strategic acumen, he has successfully driven EMotorad's growth. Aditya's leadership spans diverse roles across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Spain, and Canada, involving startups to Fortune 500 companies. A seasoned speaker and mentor, he shares insights globally at conferences, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers.

Ready to unlock the secrets and thrive in any market condition? Don't miss out – register now for this game-changing event! Your startup journey to success starts here.

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  • Nitish Rai


    Founder and CEO

  • Aditya Kale

    Airattix Storage

    Founder & CEO

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    Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder


  • Manisha Khadge


    Chief Marketing Officer



Saturday, February 3, 2024
5:30 AM – 7:30 AM UTC


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