Women in Tech: Scaling Technology Leadership

Jun 24, 2023, 5:30 – 7:30 AM

Ideas to Impacts (Enterprise Garden), Pan Card Club Road, Pune, 411045

Welcome to Women in Tech: Scaling Technology Leadership, an event focused on empowering and inspiring women to lead in the technology industry. Our panelists are experts in the field, with years of experience in technology and leadership. We will hear from them on their journeys, challenges, and successes in scaling technology leadership.

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About this event

Women in Tech: Scaling Technology Leadership

Join us for an inspiring and informative event where we will explore the challenges and opportunities for women in tech leadership. Hear from a panel of successful women leaders who have cracked the industry’s glass ceiling, achieving double-digit gains in leadership roles. Learn how they navigated their career paths, overcame obstacles, and leveraged their networks to reach the top. Discover how you can advance your own career in tech, whether you are an aspiring leader, a mid-level manager, or a senior executive.

This event will cover the following topics:

Motivation: What drives women to pursue tech leadership roles? How do they balance their personal and professional goals? What are the benefits of having more women in tech leadership positions?

Recruitment/Retention: How can tech companies attract, develop, and retain more women in tech leadership roles? What are the best practices for creating a diverse and inclusive culture? How can women find mentors, sponsors, and peers to support their career growth?

Future Prospects and Opportunities: What are the emerging trends and technologies that will shape the future of tech leadership? How can women prepare themselves for the changing demands and expectations of the industry? What are the skills and competencies that will be most valued in the next decade?

Our panelists are:

Dr. Sonal Sushil Modi is a Vice President of Enterprise Technology Learning at Mastercard, with a Ph.D. in Management and a CPLP® certification. She has over 22 years of industry experience in technology development, digital transformation, and learning and development. She has worked with global organizations and executive business leaders on various strategic L&D and OD initiatives. She has a strong techno-behavioral competency and expertise in building learning organizations and talent capabilities across various domains and technologies.

Sheetal Gole is a visionary and influential leader who drives digital transformation and business process automation for Barclays India, a leading global financial services provider. She is the Director and Head of Functions Digital Channels and Business Process Automation, where she oversees the design and implementation of technology solutions that reduce firm risk and enhance customer experience across various domains such as Client Reference Data, Merchant Banking, and Investment Banking.

Pooja Keswani is a seasoned and accomplished product owner for Hilti Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd, where she oversees the end-to-end product lifecycle management for various digital platforms and applications that enhance the efficiency and productivity of Hilti’s customers and employees. Pooja has over 18 years of experience as an information technology professional and has worked in progressive roles for global clients such as IBM, Amdocs, etc.

Amita Mirajkar, Co-founder and CEO of Clairvoyant, a leading data engineering and analytics company. Amita has over 20 years of experience in building and scaling data-driven solutions for various industries. She is passionate about empowering women in tech and is a mentor for Women Who Code and Girls in Tech.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these amazing women leaders, network with other professionals, and get inspired to scale your own technology leadership. Register now!

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  • Priyanka Shukla


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  • Dr. Sonal Modi


    Vice President , Enterprise Technology Learning - Learning & Insights Team,

  • Amita Mirajkar

    Clairvoyant India

    Co-Founder & CEO,


  • Ayush Jain





Saturday, June 24, 2023
5:30 AM – 7:30 AM UTC


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