Why are Instagram “Instapods” Important For Startups?

An Instapod is a themed group message of between 10-15 content creators on Instagram.

Your Instapod

As a content creator myself, I’ve been researching fellow creators and brands over the past 2 years on YouTube and Instagram. By far, Instagram “instapods” are the fastest growing underground trend on Instagram I’ve seen in the past 12-months.


Content creators need to be publishing new content regularly to provide value to their audience and maintain steady grow similar to startups. For small content creators, the constant hunt for ideas and collaborations with other creators is a weekly struggle.

Over the past two years, I’ve been in twelve Instapods leading to rapid growth on all my channels.

That being said, currently, my software development focused Instagram @CodingBlog is active in two large Instapods focusing on technology and programming. These are the rules from the moderator (all names have been blurred to protect their identity)

My experience with Instapods so far has been extremely effective, especially with larger groups. Every time you publish a post you can share your content to the group to boost engagement and reposts.

Supercharge Your Engagement

In the event that you are just starting and you need to build a following these groups will supercharge your engagement and reposts from other creators. Many of the largest influencers on Instagram regularly use Instapods for aggregating like-minded creators. With a group of similar creators, the probability of reposting your content skyrockets.

Having worked with hundreds of startups over the last two years, there is tremendous hidden value behind starting an Instapod for your company, with your own creators.

Every time you post new content, being able to share instantly with a group of targeted influencers can speed up the process of shoutouts by an order of magnitude. 

Also leveraging companies like FameBit and Blanket Media to reach thousands of content creators on Instagram, you can effectively remove the first pain point of identifying key industry influencers.

If you've already hired influencers to promote your business, continue the relationship by leveraging an instapod and measure the increase in engagement you see within the first two months.

From my experiments, I've measured an increase of 5x and sometimes 7x engagement within the first 90 days.

Have fun creating your pods.