How to Turn Any Smartphone Into a Virtual Reality System

The Virtual Reality Space is heating up with 739 VR startups with an average valuation of $4.8 M registered on AngelList

In a Startup Grind panel discussion, Ignition Partners Partner, Rachel Chalmers, commented that the VR space reminds her of the early days of smartphones. The VR space grew a lot when Google launched their Google Cardboard platform.

Watch the full chat here at Startup Grind Global here:

What's Google Cardboard?

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Google Cardboard, it's worth taking a look. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform that utilizes a cardboard head mount where you can attach your smartphone.

It was designed to be a low cost virtual reality system with headsets that cost as little as $1.99. In comparison, an Oculus Rift head set will cost around $1,000. Developers can create their own applications using the Cardboard SDK.

You Have to See It To Understand 

In his TEDx Talk, Chris Milk stated: "Talking about virtual reality is like dancing about architecture." You have to see it to understand it. To give it a try, you'll need to purchase a cardboard headset. Official Google Cardboard viewers can be purchased on their official site. They range from $15 to $120.

When you peep through its lenses, you experience a world generated via mobile app with the ability of displaying landscapes, film, video games, and other multimedia formats.

The Google Play Store offers a plethora of apps to choose from and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. After you've get your Google Cardboard headset, here are a few apps that you can try:



At the 2016 Google I/O, Google announced they will launch a new VR platform this fall called Daydream. It’s a powerful virtual reality system that will be enabled on VR Ready smartphones that have special sensors and screens. 

As more VR startups are launching and raising money, we are expecting to see the different applications that will arise. Do you think VR is the "next big thing"? Share your thoughts.


Given the potential of VR to revolutionize technology for education, news reporting, exploring the world, gaming, and much more, it’s smart to master your VR skills. They may come in handy in the ever-changing future. Just think, 100 years ago no one could have imagined we would enter virtual reality on mobile devices that function as computers, phones, and televisions all at once. 50 years from now, you might be surprised by what comes when you say what will be next? Get all latest VR apps from http://tutuappvipdownload.com/tutuapp-ios-iphone/

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