Media Round Up: Reporting from the 2016 Startup Grind Global Conference

As the Startup Grind team returns to our Redwood City office, energized after catching up on the sleep we lost during 16 hour days, we're feeling really grateful to have been hosts for the worldwide Startup Grind community at the 2016 Startup Grind Global Conference. By the numbers, more than 100 Directors from 45 countries joined over 100 successful founders and investors, who mentored 3,000 attendees during two days of nonstop connections, lessons, and hustle.

But it's more than numbers. It has been inspiring to hear your feedback, including many who have said it was the best event Startup Grind has ever done - and we do a lot of events. We need that energy, because plans for the 2017 Startup Grind Global Conference are already underway. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, we're collecting all the stories about the event not just from our own live event bloggers, but from across the entire web. Wrote something and don't see it here? Let us know.

Reporting from Startup Grind

Startup Grind Expands Past 185 Chapters, Welcomes 3,000 To Global Conference

Meeting the Family: This is the Director's Retreat at Startup Grind​

Day 1 Reporting

How to Make Investors Swipe Right: 10 Startup Lessons from Guy Kawasaki​

Slack's Stewart Butterfield Now Employs 369, Internally Trading 130,000 Messages Per Day

23andME's FDA Cease & Desist Order "Sign of Success," Says Anne Wojcicki

Culture fit is a luxury, says Thumbtack's Marco Zappacosta, Now +150 Employees and $1.25B Valuation

Venture Capital is "Liquidity Ponzi Scheme," Says Steve Blank 

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield: "It Sucks To Be the CEO of a Startup That's Doing Super Well"

Anyone but Bernie Sanders For President, Poses Tim Draper of DFJ Ventures

Gig Economy Opportunity Huge, with 97% of Freelance Happening Offline, says Fiverr Founder

Technology won't Destroy the Gig Economy - Yet, say Investors & Professors

90,000 Neighborhoods and Counting: How Nextdoor Hacked Growth with the USPS​

Leading South American Investor Launches Big Idea Challenge at Startup Grind​

80% of Silicon Valley Brands Don't Care about Brand, Missing Huge Opportunity, say Brit+Co & Eventbrite Founders

Big Money in Small Business: Arvind Purushotham on Citi Ventures' Startup Investing​

Day 2 Reporting

Marc Andreessen & Clayton Christensen: "Venture capital is abundant, opportunity is scarce"

Vinod Khosla: "You don't need a CEO," You Need a Founder to Lead & Innovate

Why Mark Zuckerberg & Ron Conway are Attracting Immigrants to Silicon Valley

Funded on Credit Card Debt, Acquired in a Denny’s: Steve Chen on YouTube’s Founding Story

How to Get Acquired by Google, According to VP of Corporate Development Don Harrison

Box CEO Aaron Levie: "Current political system not well set up to work through" questions of Privaty and Security

Dustin Moskovitz of Asana & Facebook: Nurture these Two Things to Craft a Great Work Culture

Don't Sell Your Soul: "Valuation Has No Effect on Your Company," insists Jason Fried of Basecamp

Udacity Founder Sebastian Thurn: We can double the world's GDP​

With $2 Billion Raised, GoFundMe wants to "Disrupt Giving" By Putting Philanthropy in Our Hands

"We're only a couple degrees removed from any given company," says Christine Tsai of 500 Startups

Bootstrapping to $1 Billion: Qualtrics Founder Ryan Smith & PluralSight Founder Aaron Skonnard on Profits in the Land of Unicorns

Tracy Young of Plangrid: Why Watching Animal Videos Will Make You a Better Founder

Why Go Global? 86% of Usage from Outside USA for Top Web COs, says SurveyMonkey CTO

With 15M Bookings, Classpass Founder's Vision to "Make every life fully lived," Expand Beyond Fitness

The Founder's Playbook for Selling Into Enterprise, with Ayasdi CEO Gurjeet Singh & Citi Ventures

Reporting from Across the Web

CNN Money: Anne Wojcicki: FDA shutdown was 'a transformative moment'

CNN Money: Marc Andreessen: There aren't enough unicorns

CNN Money: Ron Conway: I hope tech founders have political aspirations

CNN Money: Postmates cofounder: If I'd listened to investors, my company wouldn't be here

Nikkei: Creating a startup ecosystem means making business easier for every one

Bloomberg: Never Faster, Easier to Start a Company: Google for Entrepreneurs

CCTVTech startups vie for billion-dollar deals while stressing balance

Univision: 12 consejos para startups de un multimillonario polémico de Silicon Valley

Univision: Un emprendedor lucha por llevar latinos de los campos de fresas a la industria tecno

ForbesGuy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes Of Entrepreneurs

TechInAsiaThe most memorable quotes from Startup Grind 2016

Huffington PostAn Afternoon With Vinod Khosla

Huffington Post: Five Things I Learned at Startup Grind Global

IncThis Is the 1 Thing That Worries Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield the Most

Times of IndiaKerala start-up wins global recognition

Tech Insider: Marc Andreessen: This is not a business to be passive — it's a business to be aggressive

Business InsiderThe billionaire who wanted to split California into 6 states now has a crazy plan to give everyone $15,000

Business Insider: Postmates CEO: If we had listened to the advice of VCs in the past two years, we wouldn't be here today

Business Insider: Here’s how Silicon Valley’s startup guru can instantly tell if you should start a company

Business Insider: There's one decision founders make that legendary VC Vinod Khosla says never gets enough thought

Business InsiderQ&A: Why Facebook and Asana's cofounder thinks startups should invest in culture in a downturn, and why Slack isn't a threat

Business InsiderSlack grew from 80 to 385 employees in 14 months. Why that worries its CEO

The Business JournalNational Startup Grind will showcase two Tampa firms

BizJournals: Disruption guru Christensen, VC Andreessen talk about winning by breaking things

BizJournals: 15 things I learned about entrepreneurship at Startup Grind

Medium: The Power of Core Values by Bastian Lehmann

Medium: Doing It Differently in Silicon Valley: A Conversation with Basecamp’s Jason Fried

Medium: The top 5 quotes from Startup Grind 2016 & how I’m going to use them this year

Black Enterprise: ShearShare Founders ‘Kill It’ at Startup Grind in Silicon Valley

Business2Community: Think About It Before You Look For VC Funding Read

IT BusinessWhat are Vinod Khosla’s personal KPIs?

Daily NewsHere’s how Silicon Valley’s startup guru can instantly tell if you should start a company

TechZuluStartup Grind 2016 – “Make Friends, Not Contacts”

BoostInsider: Our Experience at Startup Grind 2016

StartupJoJo: Covering Startup Grind's Annual Global Conference           

Now It's Your Turn: Give Us Feedback!

Hery came in from Madagascar and said the talks were "genuine, gloves off discussions of the highest level with interviewers who listened to understand not just to fire off their response," while Yale student Pianpian found the fireside chats "insightful and engaging, with great speakers" on topics like "immigration and the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs." It seems like you all loved the food, too!

It's not all high fives, of course: from your feedback, we also know we have to kick up the Internet access a few notches, ramp up the pace of check-in to support all of you early, and maybe extend that after-party of ours.

We love hearing all your feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us know about your experience by emailing us here.